Frisco, City of Global Impact

Frisco, City of Global Impact

A City of Global Impact

During the wintery weather with snow and ice, I drove through Dallas when I was coming home from speaking at the Woodlands Church north of Houston. As I drove home, I began to weep over the city. I was amazed at the love that God has given me for the city. You can see the snow still on the ground as I shot this video.

Frisco, A City of Global Impact

Just as the sun came out that melted the snow, so has God’s unique favor risen on the North Dallas area. Wayne and I relocated to plant a new church in Frisco Texas. We have become Texans in a region that is quickly changing and growing.

As we had our new friends in our home, they recounted that just 8 years ago the area that we live in was farmland. The transformation of houses, shops, entertainment, stadiums has taken over the tiny towns of the North Dallas area.

As we settled into our home, we rejoiced in the diversity of a global city. We are surrounded by people from other nations all coming to North Dallas for work and to raise a family. There is truly a need for a family friendly church.

A City with Great Potential and Great Needs



Frisco, a city with great potential and great needs

A city with great potential & great need
As our city has prospered and grown, I am reminded of Jesus’ words:

“…When someone has been given much,

much will be required in return;

and when someone has been entrusted with much,

even more will be required.”

Luke 12:48 NLT

Frisco placed number 1 in a survey and was named as the best place for young families to live in Texas. This honor was received just months after a sixteen-year-old shot and killed his parents in a quiet Frisco neighborhood.

The affluence and prestige of Frisco, could mask the need within the North Dallas area. Driving on Dallas North Tollway, you will be impressed by the Cowboys Practice Stadium which costs over 350 Million dollars or by the Toyota Stadium filled with competitive events every weekend.

Yet, the North Dallas area is known by the police as a place that struggles with drugs. Teenagers have more money to spend. They build businesses selling drugs to their classmates. Drug related deaths occur as experimentation becomes deadly.

In this period of time before Life Bridge Church launches, Wayne and I have been visiting different churches on Sunday mornings. My heart was saddened when a pastor from the pulpit of a North Dallas Church began to talk about friends of his who had sons struggling with drugs. He then said if his 14-year-old-son every smoked a joint, he wouldn’t have a hand to smoke it the second time.

I understood the pastors tough stand against drugs. However, my heart went out to all the families in the area who struggle with teenage drug addiction. The pain, turmoil, and shame that surround parents who don’t know what to do with the choices of their children.

Frisco Mayor Maso

Wayne & Sue with Frisco Mayor Maso

Frisco Mayor Maso

When Wayne and I had breakfast with Mayor Maso recently, we asked him what he felt the greatest need was in the Frisco area. Very quickly he talked about teenage homelessness. Parents who are taking a tough love stand against drugs in their house, feel forced by the choices of their child to throw them out of the house for continued drug use and drug dealing. These teenagers end up on the streets. Mayor Maso pointed to City House as a transitional housing solution for young adults ages 18-21.

Within the first two weeks of moving to Frisco, I came in contact with homeless teenagers. I wrote about it here. We need to learn to live bold for Christ. As we launch a new church in the Frisco area, we want it to be a bible based church that shares the love of Jesus every day.

Sharing the Love of Jesus

The needs around you may not be as blatant as Drug-use or homelessness, but there are needs around you and I every day. Sharing the love of Jesus requires us to role up our sleeves and help those in need.

G Give grace to those around you who feel shame from their present situation.

R Real love meets real needs of real people.

A Accept people where they are and point to transformation available in Jesus.

C Create an atmosphere in church where people of all ages can find freedom.

E Empower people to change through the love and power of Jesus Christ.

The grace that comes through you from Jesus, is not an easy-cheesy grace that just let’s people stuck in their sin. It is unmerited favor that empowers people to be truly free because of what Jesus did on the cross. He is the savior of the world (not you). He is the ONE who saves, heals, delivers. There is no difficult situation that is too hard for the love of God to penetrate and make whole again.

A spirit filled church creates a safe place for everyone in the family to find true freedom in Christ. Together the churches in Frisco Texas can reach out to meet real needs of real people every day.

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    I’m BELIEVING that Grayson is healed in the name of Jesus and that he won’t have to go tgourhh anymore of this & that he is up and around with not a unwell cell in his body! THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH IS IN OUR TONGUES! please speak positive over his life and you will get what you believe for! thank God every minute that he is healed and it will come to fruition! when he has a test the next day pray and believe that it’s not gonna happen cause he is healed! FROM YOUR MOUTH TO THE UNIVERSE AND BACK TO YOU AGAIN! only positive for this little boy! Speak nothing but God filled words over his situation! The woman in the bible with the issue of blood(she bled for 12 years& spent a large amount of money going to doctors) knew if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’ prayer shawl that she would be healed instantly, it was all in belief and faith! I believe he is healed! God tells us to ask it of Him and He will do it but we have to let Him know we want it! So just ask and believe in Graysons healing and that he won’t have to go tgourhh this anymore! listen to Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdock, etc. call your angels to work for you, you have well over 100,000 angels that want to do your bidding! put God filled music in his room and watch the changes! God bless you all!

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